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Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, 1975.

Curriculum Vitae


  • critical political economy
  • critical international relations
  • global governance
  • social institutions of global capitalism
  • critical security studies
  • "Challenges of an Agonistic Constructivism for International Relations," Polity, forthcoming, January 2017 (part of a symposium on Antje Wiener's A Theory of Contestation). (Co-authored with Jonathan Havercroft)
  • "Sovereignty and Sovereign Power," International Thoery, 6(2), July, 2014: 191-223. (Co-authored with Arjun Chowdhury)
  • "Power in the Analysis of World Orders," in Fred Dallmayr, Akif Kayapinar, and Ismail Yaylaci, eds., Civilizations and World Order: Geopolitics and Cultural Difference.. Lexington Books, 2014: pp. 35-50. (Co-authored with Çiğdem Çıdam)
  • "International Organizations and the Diffusion of Power," in Thomas Weiss and Rorden Wilkinson, eds., International Organization and Global Governance, Routledge, 2013: pp. 48-59. (Co-authored with Michael Barnett)
  • "Humanitarianism and its Violences." Chapter 5 of Himadeep Muppidi, The Colonial Signs of International Relations. Columbia University Press, 2012: 117-126. (Co-authored with Himadeep Muppidi)
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  • Borders, Power, and Resistance: Bounding and Challenging Europe, in Andrew Davison and Himadeep Muppidi, eds., Europe and Its Boundaries, Lexington, 2009: 225-241. (Co-authored with Ayten Gí¼ndogdu and Kartik Raj).
  • Critical Astropolitics: The Geopolitics of Space Control and the Transformation of State Sovereignty, in Natalie Bormann and Michael Sheehan, eds., Securing Outer Space: International Relations Theory and the Politics of Space. Routledge (Critical Security Studies), 2009: 42-58. (Co-authored with Jonathan Havercroft).
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  • Cultures of Insecurity: States, Communities, and the Production of Danger. University of Minnesota Press, 1999. (Co-edited with Jutta Weldes, Mark Laffey, and Hugh Gusterson).
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  • Distinguished Scholar Award, from the International Theory Section of the International Studies Association, February, 2015
  • 'Grain of Sand' Award, from the Interpretive Methodologies and Methods Conference Group of the American Political Science Association, September, 2010
  • Honored scholar, “Structuralisms: A Symposium in Honor of Bud Duvall,“ University of Minnesota, April 2008. (conference organized by Alex Wendt [Ohio State University], Jutta Weldes [University of Bristol] and Michael Barnett [University of Minnesota].)
  • Academy of Distinguished Teachers, University of Minnesota, 1999-present.
  • Outstanding Contributions to Post-Baccalaureate, Graduate, and Professional Education, University of Minnesota, 2000.
  • College of Liberal Arts, Teaching Award, University of Minnesota, 1988
  • Morse Amoco/Alumni Teaching Award, University of Minnesota, 1988